• Counsel to solar developers, investors and service providers on development, construction, financing and operation of thousands of megawatts of C&I and utility-scale projects across the United States and abroad.

  • Represented industry leading solar developer in the project development, financing and subsequent sale of a 270MW portfolio of utility-scale solar projects throughout the southwestern United States.

  • Represented developer in the $300M debt and equity financing of an 82MW utility-scale solar project that included development, construction and permanent funding.

  • Represented investor in the financing of the development, construction and acquisition of a series of rooftop solar projects located throughout the State of California utilizing a variety of virtual net energy metering arrangements.

  • Counsel to large, multi-state health care and hospital system on integrated energy strategy involving behind-the-meter PV solar with storage, fuel cells with storage, and utility scale storage integrated with off-site electricity generation.

  • Represented lender in a $15M financing facility with co-investment rights for a series of community solar projects in New York totaling 40MW.

  • Represented solar EPC contractor in the negotiation and administration of EPC agreements for approximately 100MW of generation comprising dozens of individual systems in four U.S. states.

  • Counsel to a leading C&I debt and equity investor in multiple loan facilities to a regional solar panel supplier and contractor.

  • Represented private equity investors in the acquisition, early-stage development and NTP exit of two utility-scale solar projects in Florida totaling 150MW.

  • Represented various Fortune 500 companies in connection with Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPAs) for the purchase of renewable energy.

  • Represented sponsor/developer in all project agreements for an innovative landfill solar project in the Southeastern U.S.


  • Counsel to investor on a complex, behind-the-meter energy storage project with a dual value stream comprised of selling peak shaving services to a nationwide retailer and demand response and local capacity services to a major utility.

  • Represented industry-leading energy storage developer and software provider in connection with the negotiation and closing of energy service agreements, project development matters, supply and installation agreements and project/portfolio sale transactions.

  • Counsel to various developers and investors in connection with the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) program.

  • Represented various developers and investors in the development of form contracts and documentation, including power purchase agreements and other energy service agreements for standalone storage and solar-plus-storage projects and portfolios.

  • Counsel to utility-scale and behind-the-meter storage developer, including drafting template storage and storage-plus-solar contracts and negotiating joint development and construction agreements.

  • Advised developer of commercial and industrial (C&I) solar projects on the integration and documentation of new and retrofit storage solutions and services into their development pipeline.

  • Represented lender and investor in a revolving credit facility for the construction and acquisition financing of a series of energy storage systems under a master purchase agreement structure.

  • Counsel to developer on RFP submissions and negotiation of utility-scale energy service agreements for resource adequacy (RA) and capacity products.

  • Represented energy storage developer in regard to master battery supply agreements.

  • Counsel to leading energy storage software provider on various software licensing and services agreements, including updates to standard suite of template agreements and performance guarantees.


  • Represented investor in acquisition of 400 MW wind energy development project in Texas.

  • Counsel to mezzanine lender on debt facility for late stage wind development project.

  • Counsel to one of the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturers in connection with equipment supply and construction matters in the U.S.

  • Counsel to wind energy project developer in acquisition of project development sites.

  • Counsel to various Fortune 500 companies in the procurement of power from wind energy projects.


  • Represented investor in the acquisition and further development and construction of a landfill gas processing facility in Kentucky.

  • Represented large waste management company in the negotiation of power purchase agreements (PPAs) and O&M agreements for landfill-gas-to-energy project.

  • Represented investor in a next generation greenfield municipal waste transformation project, including a $67M financing, including a $45M conduit municipal bond issuance.

  • Represented investor in acquisition of a waste-to-energy facility in Western Michigan out of a state law receivership proceeding.

  • Counsel to developer in regard to various landfill gas and waste management projects across the United States.

  • Represented investor in acquisitions and subsequent development of two digester projects in New York.

  • Represented lender in a bridge/development loan to the sponsor of an anaerobic digester project in California.


  • Represented investor in acquisition of energy efficiency assets across the United States.

  • Represented investor in late stage development financing of energy efficiency measures for ConEd’s Brooklyn Queens Demand Management Demand Response Program.

  • Represented a major financial institution in financing of energy efficiency improvements at various Department of Defense facilities.


  • Counsel to originator of residential PACE financing transactions on the securitization of PACE bonds and the creation of warehouse lines of credit with major banks and financial institutions.

  • Counsel to program administrators for PACE programs in California and Florida.

  • Counsel to originators of commercial PACE financing transactions in negotiation of financing documents and analysis of legal and regulatory environment in various jurisdictions. 

  • Counsel to residential and commercial PACE financiers in connection with PACE-enabled solar power purchase agreements.

  • Represented investment funds in connection with equity investments in the PACE sector.


  • Counsel to Fortune 500 technology company in its purchase or renewable energy credits.

  • Represented a carbon credit originator in connection with the development and monetization of carbon forestry projects on First Nation lands in Saskatchewan, Canada.

  • Represented a large landowner in connection with a carbon forestry project in North Carolina.

  • Represented a developer of agriculture-based carbon credit projects in Latin America.